How to Install a Shade Sail on Your Patio, Balcony or Deck in Under 30 Minutes!

How to Install a Shade Sail on Your Patio, Balcony or Deck in Under 30 Minutes!

The Rail-EZ mounting system gives you a nonpermanent option for installing a Shade Sail on your deck, balcony, or patio without having to erect a permanent pole or post, and there is no need to pour concrete, or affix any permanent posts to your railing.

Setting up the Shade Sail with the Rail-EZ is SUPER Fast and EASY

You can choose the right size and shape Shade Sail to get perfect shade coverage for the small or narrow decks. For bigger decks, you just need to buy a bigger shade sail or awning or layer a few. 

We bought 10 foot Chain Link fence Top rails, you can get them in Galvanized or black finish. We also picked up some pole connectors to use as caps.

The Shade Sails came from Amazon, we decided on one triangle and one rectangle to overlap and add some interest :)

What we love is the flexibility,  we can decide to put them up and 10 min later we have a Deck/ Patio Shade Sail for complete shade coverage!  The best part is it’s non-permanent, we can take the whole setup down in under 5 minutes! 




  • Screwdriver


1. Layout your Shade Sail(s) to the ideal configuration to get best shade 

2. Attach the rope to your shade sail in all corners making sure to leave enough rope to secure it. 

TIP: Shade Sails look good with at least a foot of rope between the anchor point and the Sail, its what gives it that unique look you don't get from a standard awning., 

 3. Screw the D-Rings into the wall or soffit high enough up leave clearance for the Shade Sail 

4. Attach the cleat to the wall so you can have a place to easily tie and untie the rope. 

5. Set your Rail-EZ units up with the instructions provided, the are moveable so you can just play with the spacing on the railing to find the best spot to hold your Shade Sail Poles. 

6. Insert your Poles in the Rail-EZ holder and tighten the tension knob. If you want a really tight pressure fit, lift up on the Rail-EZ top plate before you tighten the tension knob and it will give you extra downward pressure where the pole meets the floor or deck

7. String your ropes on the corners of your Shade Sail through D-rings attached to the wall and secure the rope by wrapping it around the cleat on the wall

on the other corners of the Shade Sail, thread the rope through the pole caps and hoist the sail!

Tie off the the rope on the Rail-EZ side by looping it around the tension knob. 

Enjoy your new Shade Sail!!