How To Install a Shade Sail on Your Deck

How To Install a shade Sail Guide

The Rail-EZ mounting system gives you a nonpermanent option for installing a Shade Sail on your deck, balcony, or patio without having to erect a permanent pole or post, and there is no need to pour concrete, or affix any permanent posts to your railing.

Shade Sail on Wooden Deck

Setting up the Shade Sail with the Rail-EZ is SUPER Fast and EASY

You can choose the right size and shape Shade Sail to get perfect shade coverage for the small or narrow decks. For bigger decks, you just need to buy a bigger shade sail or awning or layer a few. 

The Guide includes all the information you need to know to install a Shade Sail using the Rail-EZ Mounting System

  • Choosing the best configuration 
  • Tools and supplies needed 
  • Planning your layout 
  • Types of poles 
  • Attaching the shade sale 
  • How to secure to the house 
  • What shade sail to buy 

What we love about using the Rail-EZ for   setting up a Shade Sail on our deck, is the   flexibility,  we can decide to put them up   and 10 min later we have a Deck/ Patio     Shade Sail for complete shade coverage! 

The best part is it’s non-permanent, we can take the whole setup down in under 5 minutes! 

 And you can use it for more than just Shade Sails! We use ours to make a magical light canopy as well :)