Quality Construction

We've worked hard to ensure the quality of the Rail-EZ stays, as Andrew would say at "Machinist's Standard"

The Rail-EZ is completely CNC machined from solid high quality aluminum alloy which is then Powder coated for even more corrosion resistance and a quality finish.

All components, spring pins, screws and hardware are made from corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel making the whole system durable and weather resistant and will last for MANY for year to come!

Here we are testing the Rail-EZ with a 45-pound kettlebell! We've tested the Rail-EZ to the breaking point...

At which time the Rail-EZ releases before it can damage your railing. In addition, most umbrellas will collapse before it's able to put the kind of momentum or torque it would take to break your railing!

That being said, you should not leave your patio umbrella up in high winds with traditional patio umbrella stands, and we suggest the same with the Rail-EZ.

Bit of a nerdy fact: OSHA Safety requirements state that a railing must be able to withstand at least 200 pounds of force applied in a downward or outward direction within 2 inches of the top edge at any point along the top railing, the moral of the story is a standard railing built to spec can take a LOT of pressure!

We know some backyard railings may not meet OSHA standards, that is why we suggest the option of using it in the "extended" configuration, however, any DIY railing products that you buy from mass hardware stores would meet OSHA standards.

We have lined the Rail-EZ with UHMW Pads (a soft and slippery kind of plastic) this protects your railing and prevents it from denting or scratching.

See how Rail-EZ compares to a 50 lb. umbrella base.

We did tests on the amount of force and a traditional umbrella stand can take vs. the Rail-EZ. It took about 7.5 pounds of pressure before a 50-pound stand tipped over. The same umbrella in the Rail-EZ took about 23 pounds of pressure before it caused the Rail-EZ to break loose from the railing.

Time-lapse of Rail-EZ holding strong in 35mph winds!

The Rail-EZ can withstand about 3x as much wind force of a traditional umbrella stand.
Keep in mind, whether you put your umbrella in a traditional heavy weighted umbrella stand, or in the Rail-EZ, the amount of wind the actual umbrella itself can take will not change.