Where To Use Rail-EZ

If you’re looking for some inspiration on where to use your Rail-EZ Umbrella Mount, we’ve got some great suggestions for you here. Worried that Rail-EZ umbrella bracket won’t work in your garden? Rail-EZ can also be used on wooden furniture such as picnic benches, pergolas and even fences so take a look to see how your outdoor space could benefit from a little more shade. Whether you live in a condo and want to see what your balcony would look like with more shade, or own a restaurant with a sunny, outdoor dining area that’s in need of some freestanding umbrellas, read on to find out more.

Attach An Umbrella To A Picnic Bench 

Add shade to your eating and entertaining area, by adding a freestanding umbrella with the Rail-EZ bracket to your picnic bench.

Rail-EZ Umbrella Mount On Picnic Bench

On Your Balcony With Freestanding Umbrella

Rail-EZ works perfectly when there's not much space and you want a freestanding umbrella that you can move with the sun - that's why it's a great option for your balcony, and can also be used to create a small table!

Rail-EZ umbrella mount on balcony

Rail-EZ Umbrella Mount Is Perfect For Restaurant Dining

Looking for a solution to those bulky umbrella bases? Don't want to spoil the aesthetic of your outdoor dining space? This restaurant chose Rail-EZ to mount their umbrellas to their railings, taking up zero floorspace while still keeping their customers cool in the shade.

Restaurant uses Rail-EZ umbrella mount

Condominium Balcony With Rail-EZ Umbrella System

One of our favourite examples of Rail-EZ at work! When you're short on space but want to make the most of your outdoor balcony like in a condo, there's no room for an umbrella stand.... instead use Rail-EZ which will fit to most railings which can be easily moved as the sun changes direction throughout the day.  

Condo balcony using Rail-EZ umbrella system

Attach Rail-EZ To Your Pergola

Think you can't attach Rail-EZ to wood? Think again! A pergola can give a great bit of shade for your garden, until that sun is on the move and then you need an umbrella to protect you from the heat. Use Rail-EZ mounting system to easily move your umbrella with the sun.

Umbrella Attached To Pergola

Rail-EZ Umbrella Mounting System Used At Playground

Keep the kids protected from the sun at their local playground with multiple Rail-EZs attached at regular intervals along the fencing. A great solution to keep children safe in the sun.

Rail-EZ Umbrella Mounting System Used At Playground



Bonus: Create Decorative Mood Lighting On Your Deck With Rail-EZ

And it's not just for umbrellas! Use Rail-EZ deck umbrella mount to attach to your railing to create a decorative lighting area when the sun goes down and you no longer need your umbrella. Click here for our DIY inspiration of how else you can use your Rail-EZ.

Garden lighting Rail-EZ sytem